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curious case ...

Yesterday I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the movies. My movie night went really well but it didn’t go uneventful.

No, nothing really happened during the movie, apart from some overextended laughter here and there. However, when we got into the room, some asshole, junky-looking, hobo couple was sitting in our sits. What village did they come from, what third world country, I don’t know. Everyone’s tickets have sit numbers. Didn’t they know how to read or they didn’t have tickets at all? They said: “oh we just sat here”. “Well get the fuck up then you freak” I wanted to say but instead I smiled with contempt and waited for them to get up. They did, and they went to sit right in front of us. 30 seconds later, the people who actually had tickets for those sits in front of us arrived, so the asshole couple had to move again, a bit to the left this time, because it would be too close to go one row further. I shook my head and made a few sounds with my mouth. The fugly chick turned with a smile and said: “it must be getting funny for you huh?” I said nothing but I thought “bitch if I hear a pip from you during the movie I will stick my boot in your ear” I looked ahead and bit my lip.

Thankfully nothing happened, she just laughed for no reason here and there but not enough to make me hit her.


The movie was really really good!!! It took place in New Orleans from the 30s 40s until now. I love New Orleans and especially that period, so for me it was like a walk in wonderland. Lots of Bourbon street shots and such :) View Larger Map The make up was really good, the scenery perfect and the story very good.
Cate Blanchett
, apart from beautiful is also an extraordinary actress! Her narrating skills on the other hand are rather bleak, if not really bad, but hey, nobody is perfect … (apart from, perhaps, Johnny Depp, but that is another story)  This is the first drama I go to watch at the movies. I only go to the movies when I want to see something with vavavoom, with effects and lots of hullabaloo. I watch dramas at home. ( unless it is a Johnny Depp movie :p) Well I really enjoyed it. :) all 2 hours and 46 minutes!!! :)


And talking about movie with vavavoom. The day before yesterday I watched Wanted with Angelina Jolie. It was really funny. It was extremely entertaining and really really reeeally funny. Plus the chasing and shooting scenes were all stunning. I haven’t had SO much fun with shooting scenes since The Matrix. The story was rather, meh , nothing spectacular or well thought. But the action was magnificent. Plus Angelina was a sight for sore eyes. Rrrrrr!!!  Especially a scene when she is walking naked and wet … :s God damn it … She is kind of  mediocre actress but man she is hot!!!

Having said all that, Angelina is nominated for an oscar, (for Changeling) yet Cate Blanchett is not … Isn’t that a proof enough that Hollywood uses Oscars only for business and not for actually rewarding worthy actors!?

 Ah well, what r ya gonna do? Eh,  I like Angelina anyway

drool drool
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