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"I go back to black ..."

Oh yeah… did I mention that almost a month ago I discovered Amy Winehouse?

Hmm. Yeah well, I’ve heard her name here and there but I kinda thought she was something like Paris Hilton. A nobody who just gets drunk and parties and for some reason people are interested in her … that is what I thought … That goes to show how much in touch I am with the world … Anyway,  someone told me she was a singer so I put some of her songs in my mp3 player and let them there forever. One day I though ok let’s see … and the first song was a horrible song I’ve heard before in shops and cafés and malls and I almost gagged, the song was called “Rehab”. I thought oh crap, this is Amy Winehouse? Yuck and EWWWWW! So I turned it off never to return to that folder again. Until one day I was running and I had my songs in random mode … That is how I listened to “Back to Black” … Ever since I’m in love!!! I listen to a number of her songs obsessively!!! Her lyrics are sometimes really good and surprisingly profound, but most of the time they are kinda juvenile and ridiculous … like : “tell your boyfriend to stop smoking my shit”  and so on … I guess she is a junkie or something? Nonetheless, I don’t give a flying fuck about her personally, but I love her voice. It reminds me of … a combination of Diamanda Galas and Billie Holiday. Brilliant!!! I hope she lives a few more years to entertain me. Good voices like that are really hard to find now days. And it is not the skill I am talking about, but the little extra, the little “something”, the little undetermined magic … The kind Diamanda has. The kind Chet Baker had …


Ah well … tomorrow I am going to the ass of the world for my first job interview. I am very negative about the whole thing so nobody says good luck just yet. For all I know it is some pervert, named Dennys, who wants to lure me in the forest … it really is in the ass of Stockholm. To make it clearer … right beside the point we are meeting, there is a Helicopter landing …

I have a long trip ahead of me …

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