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I love the weather in Sweden!!! Fog sunsnowsunrain sunfrostheat fogsubhail ….

This was Stockholm the day before yesterday 8th of February
My hood, my street, my ghost-man ...

I just love fog!!!! When foggy, I’m the happiest. When THIS foggy, I’m delirious!!!


I love this picture!!!


I am so happy I think I am popping a vain trying not to make happy faces so I look cool in the picture … I ended up looking constipated …

And this must be  the ugliest café. It looks like the 80s never left. All these mirrors … all this gold …

But they make killer espresso and they have nice view. Fog and people ice-skating :)

Ok, now, how wrong is that? This now is Stockholm yesterday 9th of February!!

So how do we and up from this to that?

This is Slussen on the 8th (left) and this is Slussen on the 9th (right)

I love the weather here … it is always adventurous … no matter what the grumpy Swedes say :D

Tags: fog, me, mist, ronnie, stockholm, sun

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