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I want a clone

I want a clone of myself.
Or two.

I want to do many things at the same time. Is that a sign of a potential future bipolar disorder? Or?

I wrote another song yesterday whilst I was doing my toenails (green lol … they look awful … I love it) At the same time I was watching a documentary about
Jack the Ripper (haven’t finished it yet) and I was texting my friend Des about chocolates. Plus my boyfriend was ironing his tuxedo shirt and was asking me every now and then to check if there are any wrinkles left.
At the same time I was thinking how much I want o continue playing
A Vampire Story but at the same time I really wanted to play Grand Theft Auto IV but also I was keen on the idea to play Zoo Tycoon 2
Although I had a great craving for
The Sims™ 2 Apartment Life (you know, the one with the witches).Yet The Sims™ 3 is coming out soon so maybe there is no point continuing this.
Of course when
Silent Hill 5 is released in Europe on the 27th of February everything else can go screw somewhere else.
Diablo III is the one I long for the most right now!

At the same time I want to work, preferably do what I do best, and be able to hire musicians. My boyfriend plays lots of instruments but not quite enough. Plus I am very particular about certain instruments. For example I want a girl to play the accordion and I want a man playing the drums. But I want a very particular looking drummer. I want a big guy. Really big! I mean … not masculine. I want a big fat bastard with shaved head and tattoos. I have a concept. I want scary looking people in my band. I don’t know what is scary about the accordion girl but I will make her scary. Maybe if she doesn’t have a leg and missing an eye? Their skills must be above average of course but it is important they are not open casket material.

I want to swim and run and ride my bicycle and I want to go on roller blades like when I was a teen.

Not to mention the trips I want to take … Greenland, Alaska, Luxemburg, Canada, California, Wine Country, of course and San Francisco. In that order.

I want to ride horses once a week and I want to get a dog a cat and a turtle (or two … each … )

I want to make enough money so that my boyfriend won’t have to work and he’d concentrate more on his music.

I want to be a cop (?) Maybe. Or a firewoman (?) Nah, I don’t think I have the discipline … but maybe my clone will …

I want to go bowling once a month.
I want to learn to play good snooker. Or better pool.

I want to play hockey. I want to go boxing. No kick boxing and gay stuff like that :p Boxing Boxing. You know … where you punch people …

I want to continue my violin lessons and I want a violin teacher from a third world country like … I don’t know … Rumania?:p

Oh oh oh, and I want to go target practice … My neighbor does that. And my little Anna does that (with her job though, but still)

Oh yes and I want to learn how to knit and bake buns.

I want a clone …

or twelve …

Tags: bipolar, computer games, diablo iii, grand theft auto iv, serial killers, silent hill 5, the sims™, video games

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