Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

John's Birthday

Ladies and gentlemen I present you my new girlfriend :p


She smells SO good!!!! My boyfriend is so jealous of her;)
On John's birthday (at Ronnie’s father’s place)we had 3 of those babies. Ronnie’s father has a really good taste in wine and he cooks really good too. Great food, great wine. Plus it was snowing and it was wonderful.
It was a good day!I took some pictures … *sigh*  as always …

They have those really old windows that when you look through they make you feel you are under water!!! They look photoshoped but no, this is how they look. Groovy huh?!

Oh it was so beautiful with the snow that day. It looked fake. The flakes were very round and thick on the ground. I took some pictures while throwing snow up in the air to check my camera’s high speed capabilities …. Not bad, not bad at all ;)

After 3 bottles of Villa Puccini a good cappuccino is an obligation ;)

The pictures of frozen sea from the bus on the way back. Ah, my city is so pretty!!!

February was a good month!

Oh but we didn’t go home … no … we went to Oliver Twist

Ah, British pubs! Lovely!


And that is how the evening ended …

Not really …  since the time was only 18:30 when we got home hehe. We  played Grand Theft Auto IV and then watched Synecdoche. The film was ok, Philip S.H. is always ever so delightful!

Then we went to bed to read.

And this is how the evening ended ...

or did it ?



Tags: actors, ale, coffee, computer games, dear diary, grand theft auto iv, happy, movies, oliver twist, pubs, snow, wine, writing

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