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"Ice water", or else "Italian ice", or else "Granita", or else "Sorbet"

NoWAY I’m running today!!!

I went out to take some pictures and check the ground for my evening run today and I realized it is a no go. The streets are very slimy and there is lots of melting snow and gravel allover the place. And if I want to run in a trail I will have to endure great potholes with mud sorbet. I don’t have the appropriate clothes for that and I hate to come home muddy. On top of that, a lady fell flat right in front of me. A really violent fall. A step away and she would have fallen on me. I tried to pick her up but I couldn’t do it on my own, another person had to help. She was in shock for a few minutes and I thought she was badly hurt. She was fine. A few scratches. But that was the cherry on top. Sorry my dear ass, I am not running today. You may continue to grow until the snow disappears.

Hrmf … and I was so geared up for a good run by the Hammarby bay today, by the channel. (nice picture from panoramio in the link)

It looks like this now and I was looking forward to a run with this view …

That’s a picture I took from the train over the bridge a couple of days ago.

But I am feeling rather yellow … at least today … I don’t want to fall :s

Meh, and I had my shoes dusted and my mp3 player loaded. Argggg. I need to run up and down the stairs at least to blow off some steam :/


Tags: beautiful, hammarby, ice, maps, running, snow, stockholm, winter

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