Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
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in musical mood

- They’re laughing at you, too! You, the burlesque queen who speaks lousy French
and read book reviews like they was books!

- Turn it off, Mother.

- Do you know what you are to them? A circus freak. This year’s novelty
act! And when the bill is changed

- I SAID TURN IT OFF! Nobody laughs at me- because I laugh first!
At me! ME — from Seatle; me — with no education; me with no talent—
you’ve kept reminding me my whole life. Well, look at me now: a star!
Look how I live. Look at my friends! Look where I’m going! I’m not
staying in burlesque. I’m moving — maybe up, maybe down — but wherever it is, I’m enjoying it!
Mama, I’m having the time of my life
because for the first time, it is my life!
And I love it! I love every
second of it and I’ll be damned if your going to take
it away from me!
AM Gypsy Rose Lee! I love her—and if you don’t, you can clear out right now!

Tags: actors, movies, musical

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