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Movies movies movies and a new plasma TV ... and “May The Norse Be With You”

This is going to be a LONG post …

This  Friday we bought a new TV. IT is a Panasonic 42 Plasma. We thought that the 46 would be maybe too big for our living room, but mainly this one costed only 7.000 kr when the 46 costed 13.500.


So we finally watched 300, Stardust, The Tale of Despereaux, and a couple of movies that we’ve seen before but we wanted to see again in HD, like: Hellboy 1&2, Batman Begins and Sweeney Todd. Well yes we watched movies all weekend. We have been collecting HD movies forever now so we have a respectable stash.

Well we also played a bit A Vampire Story, we had this game on hold since it is the only “point and click” adventure game we have right now and I don’t want it to finish too fast, so I’m savoring it;)

A 42 TV is bigger than I thought and the best quality I have seen so far!!! I really love it!!! I put on Hellboy over and over just to look at my imaginary husband. (no, Ronnie does not mind ;)) We are both very very happy with this baby and the juniors seem to enjoy it too ;)

The old TV looks so sad ... disemboweled and abandoned …


300 was way better than I excepted. I really liked the symbolism and the cryptic messages between fact and fiction. I was only annoyed it 2 parts. When for some inexplicable reason they decided that using heavy metal fucking guitars would be a good idea. NO you fucking fat fucks!!! IT was NOT a good idea. Get over your fucking sad sweaty heavy metal childhood already. Heavy metal guitars should be forbidden and charged with the death penalty. Stupid illiterate horny unfuckable pimple-squeezing idiots.

Other than that I really enjoyed it! This is SPARTAAAA!!! Muhahaha Ronnie said that the Oracle was so hot he almost shat his pants … ahem! (I will have to agree, she was a red head after all ;))

I loved Stardust. It was very very beautiful! I am really glad I waited to se it on our new TV (since I missed it at the movies)  It had the feel of the Hogfather and The Colour of Magic. Well, it is based on Neil Gaiman’s book after all and I believe that one of Gaiman’s influences must be Terry Pratchett. But of course Stardust was not as witty or surprising  or super inventive as any of  Pratchett’s stories. But anyway blah blah. Long story short. It has the British feel and atmosphere which makes it pretty pleasant. Robert De Niro was a delight and the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer wasn’t half bad.

The Tale of Despereaux was so cute we almost cried. This wet pink nose and those big ears made me so violent inside I punched the sofa cushions quite a few times. Yes I get violently “tender” … I can’t explain it. Cute stuff make me want to squeeze to suffocation and punch to a pulp …. So if a movie has this effect on me then yes it was good :)

Now lets get to the really important stuff.
Public Enemies !!!

Are you freaking kidding me? It is finally finished and ready for release June July. 3 of July here in Sweden. Now, not only this movie is my absolutely favorite genre, but also my 2 favorite actors staring in it. I mean come on, give e lass a chance to breathe … 30s.? Gangsters? Johnny Depp and Christian Bale together???? I will have to get sedated to watch this or I don’t know if I will be able to refrain myself from biting someone’s ear off. After this I want a movie with Johnny Depp and Edward Norton and that will be it for me. No more wishes!!!

Look the hell at this! Are you freaking kidding me?



And of course, I now know why Johnny was talking like a New York mobster at the Golden Globe awards - Yes it is kinda late, but I just though of it - He was still in character of course, because he was filming Public Enemies. Otherwise there is no explanation for this accent. What you haven’t seen it? … Take a look here. Johnny presenting a G.G. award still in John Dillinger character.
Crank it up and listen carefully.

(If the video won’t appear after a while here, just go to this link:

By the way I saw Happy-Go-Lucky and I didn’t rip my knickers off. Sally Hawkins’s character was very unconvincing and unbelievable. Not because she couldn’t pull it off. She pulled it off alright. (I really wanted to kick her ass.) But there are NO people like that. Unless we are talking about people with severe mental issues. It was a rather boring low budget annoying little film with some good moments. However, I love the fact that I got to finally notice one hell of an actor. Eddie Marsan. What an actor!!! I never really noticed him before. He was in Vera Drake, Beowulf & Grendel , The Illusionist, Hancock (among others, but these are the ones I have seen) But I didn’t notice him until Happy-Go-Lucky.

He has also a small part in Red Riding (Nineteen Seventy-Four)

- Which by the way is an adaptation of David Peace’s tetralogy novels 1974, 1977, 1980 and 1983 about the Yorkshire ripper. The movie is adapted into a trilogy named Red Riding or Nineteen Seventy-Four, Red Riding: 1980 and Nineteen Eighty-Three. I think that the 1977 novel is merged into Red Riding: 1980. One must must must see this movie. It is very well made! If you are fascinated by this sort of films you are going to enjoy this one.
I am, in general, curious about the subject and I have been reading a lot about murders particularly in
Yorkshire and around Yorkshire and I find it interesting. Why particularly there? Why so many murderers throughout decades and decades? –


But, talking about Eddie Marsan, again. If you are a hardcore geek, like me (or more) ;) You MUST see Faintheart. Unfortunately, in the very end it has a lot of mishmash-sentimental-soppy crap, that usually make me vomit, but until then - and if you like some good British dry humour- you’re going to have a blast :) and “May The Norse Be With You”

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