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dear diary ...

Time and time again I see it coming. I see and smell it in the atmosphere. It’s the smell of something new and exciting. The minutes. The hours. Then it gets old and dreary. Then it’s back again. With different form. And it gets old again. And on and on. Until there is nothing left of it. And I’m always observing and never participating. Never have the time to. I always get tired of it. Whatever that is.
People bore me so fast. As much as they intrigue me. From one moment to the other I can get morbidly bored.
There was this girl at the café the other day.
So beautiful! I couldn’t stop staring.
Her hair yellow like the sand on those postcards from
Her skin so white, almost transparent.
Her eyes blue like the summer sky in
Beautiful people make me happy.

Ronnie said something scary today. It was scary because I was thinking about it before he said it.
It finally happened … we have become one.


Tags: beautiful, dear diary, happy

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