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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

My Birthday 2009 :) It is a loooooong post

Yesterday 3 of April was my birthday I will write what happened as I remember it. IT was an ordinary birthday day. I had a nice time:)

10:30Happy birthday to me :) I am being born in 15 minutes. ( well with one hour difference more or less since I was not born here and I’m not sure what was going on with the light saving situation in 1974)

The day started with a kiss from my lovely boyfriend:). He left for work and I kept on sleeping until 09:00. I got up and found all the kids on the table singing happy birthday to my daemon :)

I took some pictures of course :)


I drunk coffee.

My internet and phone are out of order. Grrrrr. The new modem is defected I think. But when it was working yesterday … I downloaded about 20 g.b. within less than an hour!!! Good stuff.

Now it is time to get ready and go meet my sister at
11:30 for birthday lunch. I don’t know where we are going. She is buying so I’m going to choose something expensive muhehe. I’m picking her up from work.

At my sis job waiting in the lobby. They have those ugly uglysson fish. Yet rather cute.

So I picked my sis and we went to
Pondus by The Sea at the harbour.
Really nice restaurant. It used to be the

Town’s Brewery. They kept some of the old equipment for decoration. The food was really good too. Pretty view to the sea.


Today it is a really beautiful day!!!!

It is always a beautiful day in my birthday! The sky is always blue. The sun always shines. And the temperature is always perfect. Not cold, not hot. Perfect around 10 to 12 degrees and no wind. As long as I can remember myself, my birthday has always been a glorious day!!! My dad says that when I was born it was the sunniest day he can remember :D And when he saw me for the first time I was smiling :D Ronnie says I was probably passing gas and not smiling >_< lol Bastard. There goes my pretty picture.


Ah well. After lunch we walked back to her office.

Then I took the longest walk back home with my camera in one hand (as always) and I took … let me see … 376 pictures. (less than usual … hmmm) The moon was up in the sky all day long. Ah I love scandinavian moon ... it never sleeps.




Easter is close so there are Easter eggs and lil yellow birds and feathers … oh my god the feathers .. . everywhere!!

I will bring out my Easter "tree" and decorate it with my Easter feathers too. But not today.

I walked to the Blue Lotus Café and drunk an espresso.

My favorite waitress was there. She is SO pretty!!! But man she is not shaving her armpits … it is terrible. I am forcing my boyfriend to trim his, (even though he is blond and has 3 hair under each armpit lol) because I hate hair. Ewww! Imagine this pretty girl with the longest hair sticking out of her tight sleeveless shirt … I thought I was gonna hurl. But then I looked at her face and it got balanced. I promise never to look at her below the neck again. And talking about girls. Man I dreamt Jodie Foster was kissing me. It was the longest kiss I have ever experienced - in my dreams OR otherwise!!! Ok I’m ok with Jodie. At least it wasn’t Marlon Brando before he died again. Which by the way had his birthday on the 3rd of April as well :)

Now I’m back home for a while and there is no internet or phone still and people are trying to call me all day. Grrrrr asshole company.

I’m gonna go out again. I want to go drink a warm chocolate with whipped cream.

Ronnie is going to cook for me but I’m going to meet him at the System to go buy some serious Easter Ale ;) And of course some of

California’s finest :p I think it is going to be Cline again :D

Hmm just came back from the quick hot chocolate drinking. Ronnie called and said to meet him at home

Oh I see why Ronnie and Anna plotted behind my back muhehe. They came together with presents, flowers and a kick-ass black cake :)

I also got some new cacti :D yeeeeeeee :)

Let the pictures speak.

After coffee and 2 pieces of MAGNIFICENT cake, we all left home. My pretty Anna had to meet her dad. They went to the observatory. Ronnie and I took a nice walk in the warm evening in our beautiful neighborhood. It is so fun to play tourist around the block :)

It was such a lovely and warm evening!

The most beautiful day of spring! Very beautiful! I’m so happy :)

We walked to the old railways where I saw that they are starting to cover them up with cement :( It sucks. But maybe they won’t cover the entire old ride. I hope not. It looks so beautiful and haunted as it is! And the tunnels look absolutely horrifyingly pretty.
On the walk home I just had to take a couple of hundred pictures of tree-shadows ...

We are home attacking our stash.

This English Ale was a pleasant surprise.

A nice gay beer ;)

We shall continue with this Swedish Easter Ale! Yummmmm!

Now I don’t know about you but I am rather tipsy.

Now we are going to watch the latest CSI episode which is also the 200th episode so I’m guessing it is going to be really special :D

OH MY GOD the CRAP!!!!! Yes it was very special! It was the WORST
CSI episode in the History of episodes!!!
HOLLY crAp!!!! What the HELL???? I feel cheated! It was as if my ASS wrote this abomination! No, what am I saying? No, my ass would have written it much better. It is as if a paraplegic mongoloid APE, with neuro-paralyzing syphilis, wrote this piece of crap!!! Oh I want my 45 minutes back to go and watch the spin circle in my laundry.

Ok I think you got it now. It was a BAD episode heh.

So, we decided to watch 5-6 episodes of "Shaun the Sheep" to even out the situation and forget this CSI episode EVER happened :s

Shaun helped a lot :D


Now off to bed with Nemi:)

Next year It will most probably be a trip to


Happy birthday to me :D


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