Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Girl talk. Talking about hair. Not interesting for my male (or male-ish) readers …

How come there is NO red hair color to be found in Sweden anymore? Seriously! Even in the most expensive hair salons you find a lame variety of 3- 4 stupid burgundy or aubergine shades. Only the shades of old ladies-red that is. What the fuck? I am forced to buy hair color from Greece. And boy they have variety there believe you me. The funny thing though is that you don’t see red heads in Greece. No, you see blonds. But in Sweden you see lots of red heads (I am always talking artificial colors here because, yes, I know there are many natural reds in Sweden geeez) So what is the deal?  Whatever. A friend ,Satan bless her, sent me this page RED and I sent my mother to the store immediately and she bought me 6/43, 7/43 and 7/47 (if you roll over each color you see a preview) I kinda regret I didn’t ask for 6/34 also but ah … These are professional hair colors mind you, so if I’m not satisfied with these either I think I might start giving up. By the way they were rather cheap for being professional colours I mean. All 3 cost 20 euro, so about 7 euro a pop. A professional hair color here in Sweden costs about 19 euro a pop. The regular cheap brands you find in the supermarket cost around 7 to 10. So I think it was a good deal. It annoys me that I’m forced to take my business elsewhere because we are supposed to help the country’s economy by consuming here. But what can a gal do when she can not find her favorite hair-die? I am not THAT patriotic ;)

That was the girly portion of our program. Now we turn to butch mode again.

Eat my Rat ...

Tags: boy-ish mode, hair, me, red, red hair

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