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14 Apr. 2009
I bought some new plants. Not cacti this time. But I forgot them at my sister’s place. I’ll get them tomorrow. I will go there again tomorrow. Dad and me are going to paint my niece’s room. Pink. With one wall red. :s Yeah it is going to be horrible.


Meanwhile I am STILL looking for a girl to play the motherfucking accordion. There are NO girls out there who play this stupid instrument are there? And if there are, they are most probably gypsies. I don’t want no gypsies playing my music.


What’s more, I am still looking for someone who knows how to draw good and fast. I have developed a character but it took me 4 days to finish the damn thing. I should go for a talent hunt outside art schools or something but I hate teenagers.


Today I petted my sister’s neighbour’s cat for about an hour :)

He is adorable. His name is Tiger. (how original), but I call him “Cat of a Preacher Man”, because his owner is a priest.

I miss having a kitty :( I want a kitty :(


But I hate their hair and their litter smell. I haven’t gone to the cat rescue house yet so I don’t really know exactly what volunteers do there. But I’m sure that one of the duties is to pet them :D I’m going to check this out soon.


Today I thought of naming my cartoon character Roman (after Roman Dirge), because I think he looks like him a bit. Ronnie says that my character looks like a girl and I get annoyed. NO, he looks like boys SHOULD look like; manly but feminine. But what does HE know? He was not Boy George’s fun when he was 9 like I was! My mother was also like that, when I was a kid she would tease me because, as she put it, I like girly men.

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah …

15 Apr. 2009


Hmmm, I forgot to post this yesterday so I am posting it now …

I’m ready to go painting …

I am waiting for the store to open to buy a card for my phone and tickets for the train. They don’t open before 09:00 can you believe it?


I am SO bored with my father everyday now and traveling all the way to my sister’s nest everyday … I want to slit my wrists many times during the day. At least today we are doing stuff so I don’t have to listen to same old stories.

I want to go to Disneyland :(

I was looking at the pictures of my sister’s trip last year to Miami and I got so jealous.


Ah well I am off now.

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