Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

This and that and a potential job

So it is getting brighter and brighter now. Soon we will have full Scandinavian days, with the sun setting at 23:00 and I will finally start running at sunset by the Hammarby bay. There is no better time to run. Nobody is around since it is in the middle of the night and the black birds are singing as if there is no tomorrow. Oh I long for Wednesday! I wanted to go running today but I cannot concentrate. My father has 2 more days here and … no more comments on that. So, I haven’t been running for a while now but I have been walking. As a result though, I broke my shoe. Yes, those I wear fervently.

What’s more, my sister is talking to her boss about me today :s There is an opening at S.I.S. (Swedish Standarts Institute) in the publishing department. (yes it is funny, my sis works at a company called sis) I am excited because it is only 12 minutes walk from my flat, or 2 stations with the train, but I won’t be taking the train for 2 stations of course. I pity the fool whose ass is too big to walk 12 minutes, I pity the fool.

Also it is a good pay, plus my sister will have my back there.

I have been disappointed plenty recently in my job hunting so I am not getting all horny about the idea. But IF that happens I should work on my Swedish computer lingo. Which means I must install ALL adobe programs in Swedish. Pfffff. It should be forbidden to translate computer programs in ANY language other than English. Stupid. I will not install Swedish windows and programs in my computer of course. I will ask my lovely man to do that in our gaming computer. (yes of course we go a gaming computer ;)

Oh how I long for my first paycheck to go and spend it all at once on the most ridiculous things possible. Yes yes ok, I said no dreaming. But then maybe I will FINALLY be able to put an add and HIRE a stupid girl who plays the stupid accordion. It has been so long I am looking for one that I’m beginning to think there ARE no girls playing this instrument.


Ok and a last one. IF I get a job there, I will be walking on my favorite path daily on my lunch time. It is the walk from Slussen to Gamla Stan (from the left side of the tracks)

My pretty city. Infront of you and behind you ...

... on your left, the helicopter landing

... on your right the trains go by

 ... down the stairs in front of the train station.

And … into the (60s) Matrix we go …


Tags: beautiful, gamla stan, hammarby, happiness, pictures, pretty, red hair, running, sun, sunny day, sunshine, water

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