Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

allergic to what?

Ate lunch with family. Saw Anna on the street. I waved daddy bye bye. Took the buss late at night. Went to bed late. My babe was half sleeping. I watched In Treatment. I went to bed late. I woke up late. (well 10:00 but that IS late). Forgot my coffee baking on the machine. It now smells like a stake. Got some weird allergy and my upper lip is SUPER swollen Angelina-like. I haven’t played a game (any game for 11 days) and I got the shivers. I haven’t written anything for 11 days and I god the shakes. I have so many ideas for so many songs.

Ah, well. Today it is the perfect shopping day. It is semi-cloudy and chilly. But I don’t think I want to show my Angelina lip to anyone.


My friends who for some reason are using ONLY facebook, religiously I might add, say that they never read my LJ because they never have the time to look for the link. So I got me a facebook account and I link the crap out of them. I found facebook rather entertaining for one reason, I found some people I haven’t seen or talk to for ages. No really, one person I haven’t seen for almost 20 years (17 for sure) And then they are connected to other people I once knew and they to them and so on and I get to see some people how old, ugly and miserable they’ve become and that makes me laugh and say: “I told you so! I knew you’d end up like that. You never listened!”

Am I terrible? Nah, just a dash mean.
But I also found some old friends that I love very much and I never thought I'd find again :)


Anyway where was I?

Oh, yeah. I don’t know what caused this swollen lip. IT is enormous! As if someone injected me with bottox in my sleep. I really want to go buy a scarf and wine.

TV still not here. The days when Ronnie is going to Spain are closing in and I still don’t have the new TV fixed. What the hell? I am not meant to have my HD marathon. Well Ronnie loves movies but he can not watch more than 1 movie straight. Rarely he will agree for 2 but more than that is torture for him. Hell well those who know me know I can go 14 – 17 hours straight and that is approximately 7 films. Too bad I don’t like Friday the 13th series that much, I would watch all of them in one go.

Oh well today it is vacation. Lip or no lip I am going to the liquor store and I’m getting myself fixed with California’s finest.

Tags: dear diary, rumbling, shopping

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