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Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Valborg, Spring. I love my life!

Ah! Soon is Valborg!!!

Those not familiar with the holyday can go to this link for a quick read: Walpurgis Night


Walpurgis Night (Walpurgisnacht) is a traditional religious holiday

celebrated by Pagans and Satanists, as well as Roman Catholics

 on April 30 or May 1 in large parts of Central and Northern Europe …..

In Sweden, Walpurgis (Valborg) is one of the de facto public holidays during the year.

The forms of celebration in Sweden vary…”



I love Valborg! The bonfires around the city! The songs! The smell of spring in the air! The Pagan sensation in the atmosphere! So peaceful, so calm, so euphoric!

Every year I go to the big bonfire in the city. It is always unfortunately very crowded, with all the inconveniences that a crowd can bring, but they always have the greatest choirs there !!!!. I think it is the city’s choir and they also have some theatrics before the fire starts. The fire there is so big that if you stand 4 meters away you feel the heat in your face as if you have your head in the oven.

The whole experience is worth the crowding and the squishing and the standing around 2 hours earlier to get the good spot.

People dressed in white holding torches would slowly march to the gigantic heap of wood that is set in the middle of the plaza and forming a circle around it they would one by one place their torches on the wood lighting a massive fire! So tall and fierce you think it’ll burn all the oxygen around you. In the background, on the other side of the island and across the water is the City Hall! The quire starts singing and I am in awe! The second song is almost always “Vintern rasat ut” which is my absolutely favorite song of all the “Valborg” songs. I always have a piece of paper with the lyrics with me to whisper along with my broken Swedish but in my head I am singing loud and clear with perfect accent!!! And at that moment I am in heaven!!! Sometimes I swear to you I think I feel my eyes water, well unless it is the smoke in the air, but I’d like to think it is tears.

After the choirs are done the band stays on to play some beautiful waltzes. Couples are dancing and drinking wine and champagne with little strawberries floating in their glasses. And since the whole thing is by the water you see the Scandinavian sunset in slow motion fading along with the fire and almost everyone is a little intoxicated and I am happy to be alive! Happy to live in this magnificent country! Happy to be surrounded by this beautiful city, with its beautiful buildings and its beautiful people, speaking the most beautiful and most harmonious language in the world!

The band is finishing with some slightly melancholic tunes.

And then, it is dark and the fire almost out and most people are gone and the smell of burnt wood is overwhelming. And as I am leaving, slowly walking on the slated plaza, I always have the same thought. “I love this country!”


Heja Sverige!



This year it’ll be slightly different for me though, since Ronnie is not here. He will still be in stupid Spain on Valborg and it will be the first Valborg we won’t be celebrating together. So maybe it would be a better idea if I go to another bonfire since I don’t want to soak and feel that every time I’d turn my head he’d be there. I am probably spending Valborg with some friends who hopefully have decided which bonfire we should go to (wink-wink, nudge-nudge …. ahEm, yes that is a clear insinuation to YOU, you know who you are :p). I don’t know if there is going to be a choir to where we’re going, but I am bringing my “Vintern rasat ut” lyrics with me to sing it in my head!


I am posting the song and the lyrics here:

(And some pictures from past Valborg years)



Originaltitel: Längtan till landet.

Ur Jägarens vila, 1838

text: Herman Sätherberg (1812-1897)

musik: Otto Lindblad (1809-1864)


Vintern rasat ut bland våra fjällar,

drivans blommor smälta ned och dö.

Himlen ler i vårens ljusa kvällar,

solen kysser liv i skog och sjö.


Snart är sommarn här i purpurvågor,

guldbelagda, azurskiftande

ligga ängarne i dagens lågor,

och i lunden dansa källorne.


Snart är sommarn här i purpurvågor,

guldbelagda, azurskiftande

ligga ängarne i dagens lågor,

och i lunden dansa källorne.


Ja, jag kommer! Hälsen, glada vindar,

ut till landet, ut till fåglarne,

att jag älskar dem, till björk och lindar,

sjö och berg, jag vill dem återse,


se dem än som i min barndoms stunder

följa bäckens dans till klarnad sjö,

trastens sång i furuskogens lunder,

vattenfågelns lek kring fjärd och ö.


se dem än som i min barndoms stunder

följa bäckens dans till klarnad sjö,

trastens sång i furuskogens lunder,

vattenfågelns lek kring fjärd och ö...

This actually is half of the song there are more lyrics. If you’d like to know them go here: Vintern Rasat Ut


Here I was trying t convince Anna to get out of bed and come join us.

No luck. I hope thins year she comes.



Hmmm! I always have white or red roses in my hair … this year I think it is appropriate to have black roses!

Hmmm, ok off to the store to buy some black flowers!!!





Over and out.


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