Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Run! Kill zombies! Watch violent films!

So I watered my cacti - which is a whole ritual – I watered my dracaenas and my flowery plants - my purple shamrock is in a crazy blooming mode – so my blood pressure is in normal levels and my heart rate on easy mode. I am as relaxed as a slug on a wet mushroom. If only I could get hungry. I have to eat some sort of brunch in order to go running in an hour or two. The weather is mildly cool and pleasantly cloudy today so it is perfect for running. But I can’t run without any power. And I can’t eat if I am not hungry. I hate this.

Plus I am SO tired of my running music list. I have to make a new play list. I was thinking some 50s rock ´n´ roll, it makes you wanna run away from it ;)


So I want to finish my run in time to have a shower and then when Ronnie returns from his “business meeting” we could play “Resident Evil 5”


It is a great day for running and video games.


Later on we are finally going to watch Grindhouse

I have been saving this film since forever. I didn’t watch it at the movies because I wanted to watch BOTH films the same day and I didn’t like the fact that they wouldn’t show them together. So I promised to myself I will watch it with our new big ass TV. So now the time has come.



Kill zombies!

Watch violent films!

In that order.

Ah, it is going to be a great Saturday!!!

Tags: computer games, running

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