Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

My car crash weekend, Tarantino and G. T. A.


Grindhouse was great. Planet Terror was real fun and well made. I really liked the humor and the references to other movies and such. Rose was amazing, I loved loved loved her character. The machine gun thingy was brilliant!!!! Plus she just couldn’t BE any hotter!!!
As for Death Proof , what can I say!!! One more masterpiece for Mr. Tarantino’s list of masterpieces. This man is innovative, extremely intelligent and a fucking great director!!! I would sell my soul to Satan (if there was such a thing) to be in one of his movies, even if I was just passing by on a scene and got my head blown off on the second ;)
But the experience on being on the set with the master!!! Oh, irreplaceable!
Death Proof gets 10 out of 10 from me. If you like witty dialogues Mr. Tarantino is the man for you. The dialogues in Death Proof are brilliant and unlike a Woody Allen movie the dialogues are actually funny!

Now I just can’t wait for
Inglourious Basterds this August!!! I am really curious about it since it looks and sounds completely different from anything else he has done so far.
Another movie that I was pleasantly surprise to see is on development is
Robert Rodriguez’s Machete!!! (if you’ve seen Planet Terror you know what I mean :p)

So there was no
Resident Evil 5 this Weekend, since we never got the damn game. But we played Grand Theft Auto IV Yes we are still playing it. Since it is the best game ever made we are savoring it. We are playing slowly and taking breaks and sometimes we are just driving around the city looking for “jumps”. After 2 intense hours of car crashing we watched Death Proof. That was overkill!! We really had fun!!!

My run was really good too. It lasted only 45 minutes but I am taking it easy until June. The moment I finished and was outside my door it started raining insanely much.
So THAT was the time for video games …


It was a fun weekend indeed :)


Tags: computer games, great movies, movie reviews, movies, quentin tarantino, running

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