Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Sims 3, Zombie Walk ... this and that ...

I am playing Sims 3 !!! Boyfriend brought it today :D
Yes I know it is supposed to be released on the 2nd of June but he got it :p
It is sooooo coooooooool!!! I love it!!
You have so much more freedom now; to go places, do stuff. And the Sim is more complex. It’s not just a repeating loop anymore. And the graphics …man the graphics!!! The characters are much much much more complex. The living is much much more sophisticated!!! The possibilities are limitless!!! It is the perfect follow-up! I’m really happy with it :) And so far no bugs no nothing!!! :D

Waiting for the vintage fest and the
Zombie walk next weekend!!! (I can’t find a better link. The better link is on facebook so there is no point posting here)

Who wants me to dress them as Zombies and do their make up and drag them along???? :p Many people are on vacation that particular weekend, so most of my friends who are still in Stockholm that weekend are over 700 years old so they are, as you understand just sitting home and waiting to die!!! Yeah that, or they are just BORING!!! Take your pick. Oh yes you know who YOU are!!! >_<

This weekend we must clean our storage room. They are fixing something and we must open a corridor for them. (the lil people in blue … not) What am I gonna do with 4 monitors 2 printers, 3 scanners, 1 Dishwashing machine, lord knows how many computers including Ronnie’s ancient Atari, plus all the crap I have brought from the old country together with a massive furniture which is also PACKED with Satan knows what, and on top of that every box of every appliance and every electronic thingamajig we bought the last 10 years …. The door is literally holding things together and when we open it we are doing it in slow motion sticking one finger in then one hand , then a knee, then a shoulder and then one must hold the door and the other must push back the
tower of STUFF …. Ah crap … there goes Ronnie’s vacation days … well … at least one of them … But … now that I think of it … I’m sure I will dig up a lot of Zombie clothes from there :D

Gotta go to the dentist. There is a stone fence in my mouth.


Gotta do my hair.


Gotta trim the rosebush  (YES the one in the back yard of the building … tsk tsk tsk … )


Gotta buy fabric for my tutu’s


Fringe had a really nice season finale!!! The end scene was really good!!!! Both end scenes …. (I’ll say no more)

Lost season finale was as always … annoying


House season finale was also very much to my liking!



Now I am psyched about True Blood season two next month!!!!!

(Man the MUST change those pictures on, they are not representative of the show. Bill looks like he has popcorn stuck on his teeth.)


Oh yeah and … torrents are dead! Piracy as we know it is dead! Long live “new” piracy!!! Usenet! Learn it use it! The rest can fuck off. Educate yourselves on the matter. I say no more ;)

Happy users allover the globe!





Oh and … look what I found …

I can but giggle

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