Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.) (lantichristo) wrote,
Alexandra Norrskèn (N.S.)

Midnight Run Stockholm 2009 where is Anna?

Last weeks Midnattsloppet (
midnight run) was really funny when I was trying in vain to find my friend. She was running along with 21.000 people from which let’s say half of them women from which 85% of them blond, same height, same weight, same ponytail, same boobs, same everything. And of course they ALL wear the same pea-green silly T-shirt. She warned me that it will be hard because they all look the same and especially in the middle of the night, in the rain, in the dark. And I didn’t really believe her. Until, I got there and started looking for her. Oh lord. At some point someone started cheering “Anna Anna” … and I thought … what the hey? I missed her? But then I didn’t think that she’d run 5 kilometers already. - The point near my flat, from where they were passing by, was 5 kilometers from the starting point and it has been only 22 minutes since they started. Anna is good but not THAT good :p -

It was like a Twilight Zone episode or children of the corn 8 out and running. Just then I realized why is there so many people running in costume. Some people dress like ballerinas, or wear Christmas lights on them, or gorillas, whatever you can imagine. And all these years I live here and seen the midnight run, I always thought it was really funny and cute that some people run in silly costumes, but I thought it was something they did just for kicks. I never had anyone running it before so I never realized how hard it is to recognize who is who. - And if I was confused, imagine how confused the Japanese tourists were, who think we all look the same ;) -

Now I was focused trying really to slow them down in my head, trying to see which one of these blonds, in this pea-soup, is MY Anna.
When I was about to give up, feeling really bad I didn’t get to cheer my runner friend, there she was; running like the wind and smiling like a queen riding a carriage. At that point she had run 5 kilometers already in this crazy speed. I would have dropped dead at that point if this was me running. I don’t think I’m gonna be running the
midnight run any year soon.

I’m really proud of her. Heja Anna :D

I started filming when I first got there in hopes of getting her on film in case I don’t see her, but I had forgotten my memory was full and I couldn’t film no more so I haven’t had the time even to take a picture of her. But here is a lil taste from what I saw.

(if the video below isn’t working then try this link: Midnight Run 15. Aug. 2009 )

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