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Some shit - Inglourious Basterds - Låt den rätte komma in (the movie) - Let the right one in

So let’s see.

This week has been kinda shit.

My mom is sick again. As a result my sister tells me that it is only fair I will go to Greece this time and be the bad cop. I almost died right then and there when she said that. Anyway I have no passport, and I’ve been trying to get a new one for 2 months now (for other reasons) but the useless Greeks at the embassy do not know how to use the new fingerprint system for the new passports so I can’t do anything but wait, since the emergency passports are only in cases there is a death in the family.

Today my mom went to the clinic voluntarily so this is a good sign. I might not have to take this dreadful trip after all. Plus I wouldn’t have a place to stay. (I refuse to stay at my dad’s place. No way.)

As for me … I have to go to the hospital again tomorrow. I could not book a time today since I was not dying.

I came home and drunk some wine instead.

It is a pretty day though. It is sunny and cool.


I might go to the movies again this week.

I want to watch  Inglourious Basterds. Although I am a bit annoyed with Mr. Tarantino for claming ALL the credit of the story even though it is loosely based  - or at least inspired by- an Italian 1978 movie called Quel maledetto treno blindato (1978) aka "The Inglorious Bastards" And this is not a speculation, he has even given a cameo role to one of the original cast from the Italian movie Enzo G. Castellari . Anyway I like Quentin (even though he is a basterd :p) I know the movie will cheer me up. I just hope I won’t have to deal with yet another baboon in the theatre.

What else …

Oh yeah yesterday I was really sad and in a shity mood with my mom and some other health related issues, until I saw my friend Chris’ blog post.

He has the cutest dog!!!


So when everything turns to crap, and I see something like this, it is impossible not to smile.

This little creature made me sleep well at night with a smile on my face.

Oh she is so lucky she is not anywhere near me though, because I get very violent when I’m happy :D

Ah bless you Lily! (Chris, I hope you don’t mind I am using your daughter’s picture :p)


As for the movie Låt den rätte komma in. (Let the right one in)Well. Hmm. How should I put it? I hate to be one of those but. Yes man the book was so much better. If you haven’t read the book, this movie is just… poetic … Beautiful moments, beautiful pictures. And I have to say they were really lucky with the weather. We had a great winter that year they were filming. But some of the acting was rather bad. The main character was good though. However if you have read the book … you are in for a disappointment. You learn nothing about the characters, when in the book you learn too much. You do not sympathize with any of the characters, in the book you do. You do not like any of the characters, in the book you choose. You do not get any answers and you don’t even get curious about any of the characters. Everything is bleak and vague when in the book there is too much detail. Major characters are missing. Important stories are missing. Main story is actually kinda missing.

So this movie is very very loosely based on the book. It is pretty and poetic and they have done a HELL of a job recreating the 80s (were the story in the book is taking place)

I hate to say this but I can’t wait to see the American version. Hoping that they will read the book and not just copy the movie yeah? I hope they will do something in between. I mean the book is great but there is too much blathering and too many unnecessary details. (I haven’t read such a tittle-tattling since Simone de Beauvoir’s All Men are Mortal great book but too much chatter) And the movie is almost like a long music video with a very vague story. So I would appreciate something in between.

Meh, now I’m off to make a cheesecake :)

I make the best cheese cake in the universe, I do :p

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